Banting | LCHF go-getters

“We are the first people in South Africa to provide absolute evidence for a diet that works and that is the difference: LCHF is a diet that works”

– Professor Tim Noakes


Before weight: 132kg

After weight: 87kg

Banting strictness: 100%


“Before I started Banting I have been overweight my entire adult life At 55 both my knees simply packed up. I do not have a medical aid so knee replacements were out of the question. My GP told me very bluntly that the knees would feel better if I was not so overweight. Continue reading “Banting | LCHF go-getters”

Banting | LCHF go-getters – Habib Noorbhai

Habib Noorbhai is a biokineticist and Banting go-getter.

“As a biokineticist, I was trained to believe that the training would be the answer to my health issues, but I didn’t feel great. I started Banting and after six months I had lost 7kg, I didn’t have heartburn or feel hungry all the time, my stress levels had gone down and my skin felt more refreshed. Most importantly I look the way I did during my undergrad days!”

– Habib Noorbhai, 27


Before I started Banting I had less energy, 2014 was a stressful year, I felt bloated and body fat percentage and weight management was a real issue. As a Biokineticist, we were all trained to believe that training/physical activity would assist…

Then I heard about it from my supervisor, Prof Timothy Noakes when he started working on it a few years ago.

I started the lifestyle plan in December and was convinced even more about it after seeing the shocking evidence of sugar and carbs at the Old Mutual Health Summit 2015 at CTICC.

Health Benefits

After nearly 6 months I have no heart burn, I am not feeling hungry, my stress levels have reduced, my skin feels more refreshed; and most importantly I have lost body fat percentage and look the way I did during my undergrad!


My final comment on Banting is that it definitely works for those who have chronic and lifestyle diseases/family history and it is the best preventative ‘medicine’ for those suffering from Obesity and Diabetes.


What I’m reading – The Art of the Start 2.0

The Art Of The Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki

“When it comes to startups, I’ve been there and done that several times over. Now I’m doing what techies call a “core dump”, or recording what’s in my memory. My knowledge comes from my scars – in other words, you will benefit from my hindsight.”

– Guy Kawasaki

So, who is this guy?

An entrepreneur who has started three companies and advised organisations as small as two people and as large as Google. He has worked for Apple twice, and is currently the chief evangelist of a startup called Canva.

Guy’s guide, The Art of the Start 2.0, is pitched as the time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything.

Book divisions

I’m working my way through the divisions; Conception, Activation, Proliferation, and Obligation and implementing as I go along.

For example, The Art of socializing, turns what for me was a confusing, minefield of what to post where and how often, into a system, by using a social media content calendar where I can collate content and schedule what need to be done each day.


You can see the effect of Guy’s influence on my frequency of posts; using bullet lists more often; diverse subjects for my posts and not just writing about health and weight loss (just like this post); and sharing my ideas across multiple social platforms.

Photo credit: Myself

Banting | LCHF go-getters – Rebecca Allerton

Rebekah Allerton, Banting success story

“If you begin from a state of dysfunction, almost anything will bring you back into balance”

– James Fitzgerald, OPEX Fitness


Rebekah Allerton, Sales Manager at Real Meal Revolution, relates how as a young person she was highly susceptible to massive weight gain and ill health because of eating large amounts of carbohydrates and processed foods.

Read her story here. 

Banting | LCHF go-getters – Brian Berkman

Rebekah Allerton, Banting success story

“People made assumptions about me as a fat man”

– Brian Berkman

In this video, Cape Town businessman Brian Berkman tells a poignant, cautionary tale of how he once weighed 153kg, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and left with self-loathing, believing the only option left open to him was bariatric surgery.

Barbaric Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery, in my humble opinion, is barbaric. Sure, it’s a miracle of modern medicine, and it saves lives. But it is extreme, invasive treatment for morbid obesity that can involve rerouting the digestive system past most of the stomach, or removing some of the stomach altogether.

And it doesn’t always work.


Berkman didn’t have the surgery. Instead, in 2011, he heard UCT emeritus professor Tim Noakes talking on the radio about the dangers of carbs for diabetes, and Banting – low-carb, high-fat eating – to treat it. The rest, as they say, is happier history. Berkman changed his diet drastically, cut the carbs, ate fat, and by 2013, was a shadow of his former fat self after losing half his body weight (73kg). He has maintained the weight loss till today, and has no symptoms of diabetes.

Best of all, he feels fantastic, energetic and alive. He says simply: “Banting (and Tim Noakes, as Berkman  told me in earlier interviews) saved my life.”

This video is one of many “real testimonials” on The Real Meal Revolution website, run by  Jonno Proudfoot, the phenomenal Cape Town Banting chef who “fell into food by mistake”.


Berkman‘s blisteringly honest story makes inspirational listening on losing weight quickly, safely, without feeling deprived and hungry. He proves that in all the hype, hope and science around diet and weight loss, it’s easy to forget that food is not just about nutrition or even only about health. It is embedded in the human psyche, a basic human need that’s as much about giving and receiving love as it is about survival.


Biz, Marika Sboros



Banting | LCHF go-getters – Minnaar Fullard

Minnaar Fullard, Banting go-getter

“The only way to feel comfortable about your body and successfully keep off lost weight is first to become aware that being overweight and chronically unhealthy is a symptom of lifestyle imbalance. It is time to balance the system.”

– Leiane Brebner, head of content, Real Meal Revolution

On these posts I celebrate success stories from achievers who have turned their life and health around.

First up is Minnaar Fullard from Pretoria South Africa:

Before weight: 103 kg

After weight: 85 kg

Before Banting

“Before I started Banting, I had been a runner and inclined to fitness all my life.

I have a compulsory fitness component to my life in that I am a Special Forces Operator that need to stay at a minimum level of fitness.

I was an active participant in road running and ran several marathons, including twice the Two Oceans and twice the Comrades.

I have always had a ‘sweet tooth’ and fond of pastas so the idea of carbo-loading was naturally appealing to me.

Despite my best efforts at staying and keeping fit, I had to experience my thighs “love handles” growing away from my body especially after reaching the forties.

I also started picking up quite a stomach.

I started experiencing discomfort while sleeping, my legs seems to have lost their feeling and I often woke up with pins and needles.

The sensation after eating a lot of bread or potato or in general a high carb meal really started becoming problematic. Discomfort and heartburn as well as deadly tiredness became regular symptoms of mine.

I started picking up weight despite my best efforts to train hard and run or exercise it off.

The worst part is that I often found myself over indulging when I consume a lot of sugar and carbohydrate rich foods. The craving for more and the lack of a feeling of being satisfied often got me in trouble with my wife. Compulsive eating habits were part of my daily regime often taking a second or a third helping during the evening meal.  Continue reading “Banting | LCHF go-getters – Minnaar Fullard”