Glenda Van Blerk

Has this ever happened to you?

At age 58, I found that I could not control my increasing weight and expanding waistline even though I was exercising in the gym at least four times a week. I attempted to lose weight by following a low glycaemic load food program taught by a well-known British health teacher but with no success.

I discovered low-carb eating

Soon after that I found a local low-carbohydrate plan which a friend had been successful with, and I followed that program for 15 weeks, losing 8 kg, 22 cms overall and 10% body fat as tested by my biokineticist during skin fold tests.

What a revelation! Before this I had never heard of removing carbohydrates from my diet.

Professor Timothy Noakes advocated the Banting low-carb, healthy-fat diet

I then learned of Professor Tim Noakes’ research with the Banting keto diet and researched YouTube discussions and pod casts; read the books written by Gary TaubesGood Calories Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat; listened to Robert Lustig speaking on The Bitter Truth About Sugar, and more.

Professor Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot publish The Real Meal Revolution

In 2013 the Real Meal Revolution book came out. Since then I have followed the Real Meal Revolution keto food lists, eating a diet that is free of grains, sugars, seed oils and all processed food-like substances.

I also practise intermittent fasting.

This lifestyle has resulted in a tremendous improvement in my health.

I’m a Certified Real Meal Revolution Banting Keto coach

I have been inspired to become a Certified Real Meal Revolution Banting coach for a few different reasons. My own health has turned around because of my keto lifestyle since 2012.

I would like to share my experience with others who are insulin resistant, perhaps have metabolic syndrome, are struggling to lose weight and who may even already have Type 2 Diabetes.


I believe completely that this eating revolution can transform the health of the Western world and I want to be in the forefront of this movement.

Contact me now to see how you can benefit