5 Silly-Season reasons to change your life

Don’t miss this massive opportunity to be ahead of your health goals as the new decade starts.

Know Yourself

You will learn a lot about yourself when you are faced with every imaginable situation where a binge or a bender is appropriate. In other words, you will be able to compile a list of red flags or improvement areas to work on.

This person, this activity, that venue each lend themselves to excess. Now I can troubleshoot each scenario one by one.

You can never do this January because everyone’s gone back to doing their own thing, and these events are no longer available for analysis.

Know Who Matters

When you decide to do something outside of the norm, people get upset. It’s not personal. People see themselves as better than you in one way and when you do something that is “better” than them, (such as eating healthily over the holiday period) you are shattering their image of themselves.

These people will encourage you to break your goals with excuses like “You’re not living,” “You’re being extreme,” “Be kind to yourself.” What they’re actually saying is, “I feel insecure when you are successful.”

So when you declare that you’re keeping it clean, watch out for people who don’t dig that. What they’re actually telling you is that they think they are better than you. Smile and wave…..

Develop Fearlessness

Let’s say you have two work functions, four social dinners, one week holiday with family and friends, a big celebration meal and a bender on New Year. You’re looking at fifteen events that could derail you. If you get through fifteen events in quick succession, where you would have been tempted to eat filth, you would have built some serious mental strength and resolve.

The next time you would have faced that kind of temptation, is in the April holidays (in South Africa, at least). You will have the mindset of “If I can make it through the holidays, I can make it through anything.”

Have More Fun

Have you ever heard anyone say they felt really good after eating and drinking for the month of December? If you go easy on the wheat, sugar, refined carbs and dairy (for some), you will have more energy, a clearer head and you will sleep better. Fact.

More energy and better sleep will make you more tolerant of your kids, better equipped to deal with whatever family politics rear their head, but most importantly, more excited about taking the family adventure, the morning beach walk or the team hike.

Get the Unfair Advantage

In January when everyone is trying to remember their New Year’s resolutions, you won’t need one. You can just carry on as normal with less pressure and more practice under your belt.

You will come into the office, the home, the school term, or wherever you go after holidays, with a clear head and possibly a smaller pair of pants – ready to kill.

One More Thing – Break the Pattern

If you’ve been peaking and troughing in and out of healthy eating your whole life, this is an opportunity to break the pattern. A new year presents many challenges and opportunities, but your health should not be something that you swing in and out of. If you intend on being healthy for the rest of your life, you will have another holiday and those events and people are going to be there.

How long do you want to wait before developing a way to be unshakable in those situations?

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Short on sleep with Arianna Huffington

Anyone who regularly sleeps less than six hours has a higher risk of depression, psychosis, stroke and obesity. Sleeplessness undermines your whole body.

In an interview with Susan Goldberg, of the National Geographic Magazine, Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post and author of The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time, has this to say:

You’re known as hard charging. Did you have a moment when you said, I’ve got to change what I’m doing?

Yes , in 2007 when I collapsed from sleep deprivation, exhaustion and burnout. Being a divorced mother of two teenage daughters, I had bought into the delusion that this was the price of success and of managing all aspects of my life.

It was after I collapsed that I started studying this epidemic of burnout. There had been a lot written about the importance of nutrition and exercise, but sleep was still underrated and dismissed. And so I wrote the book.

Will getting enough sleep ever be prioritized in our culture?

It’s importance is becoming more recognized. Of course there are holdouts, people who still brag about how little sleep they get, but they’re increasingly like dinosaurs.

One of the metaphors I like to use is that sleep is like the laundry. You’re not going to take the laundry out 10 minutes early to save time. You have to complete all the cycles in the washing machine. Our sleep cycles have to be completed too: otherwise we wake up and we feel like wet and dirty laundry.


National Geographic magazine, August 2018


Still think it’s okay to not prioritize your sleep?

Arianna Huffington, sleep advocate

“When I get eight hours, I know the difference. I know I’m more effective: I’m a better version of myself.”

– Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, CEO of Thrive Global, and author of The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time

Formally sleep-deprived, Arianna Huffington, was interviewed by the National Geographic magazine in the following Q & A article with Susan Goldberg.

Thanks for sharing your expertise on sleep, the topic of our cover story. Thomas Edison called sleep “an absurdity” and “a bad habit”. Is that idea ingrained in our culture?

I think it is deeply ingrained, but we’re at a moment of transformation. What stops people from prioritizing sleep is the fear that somehow they’re going to miss out. We have so many phrases that confirm that – “You snooze, you lose,” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” But now there are role models, people who prioritize sleep and are super effective.