Traditional Easter pickled fish can be low-carb

Pickled fish has traditionally been eaten inSough Africa during Easter.

“Easter is a very foodie festival. Only in South Africa does pickled fish come to the Easter table.”

– News 24

Curious as to how this tradition came about, I delved into some of the reasons as to how this uniquely inclusive to both Christians and Muslims, culinary tradition, started.

Meerlust farm and Lady Anne Barnard

The oldest records of this culinary custom came from Lady Anne Barnard who, after visiting Meerlust farm in the Cape of Good Hope, in 1798, wrote that she was served  “fish of the nature of cod, pickled with turmarick (sic)”

It could have been served over Easter Weekend because fishing boats did not go out at that time so there was no fresh fish.  But there are also suggested, religious reasons to the pickling practice. Continue reading “Traditional Easter pickled fish can be low-carb”