Happy customers talking

Thank you Glenda for your support. You a great couch.


I just had to tell you, I got to my awesome weight this morning! Feels amazing! About a year to lose about 21 kg’s…didn’t weigh myself at the start but I know what my highest weight was a while before that. Thanks for helping me get off the plateau 7 kg’s ago.


Been eating 100% Banting and exercising. Feeling amazing! I wanted to thank you for the HUGE inspiration you are to me. Thank you!!!


All good. Really doing great. Healthy meals. No junk food. Lots of water and sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar. I feel better about myself than I have ever.


The last 12 weeks have been an incredible journey – thanks to you as my coach and the Real Meal Revolution team for all the help and encouragement along the way. The RMR platform has provided all the tools I needed to embrace the LCHF lifestyle and you have been a constant source of information …

Jean J

We have enjoyed our 3 months with Glenda enormously and have succeeded in loosing weight and centimetres!! Glenda has been the most awesome coach and we highly recommend her.

Ken and Penny

Amazing! Thank you Glenda. You are such a great coach. I am super proud to be in your group.


Hi Glenda, thanks so much I have learnt tons through you, really been so interesting and enlightening, going to miss the weekly group. Keep up with the great coaching. You are really great at what u do …. And it’s not an easy task.


I’ve just seen my doctor for blood results and everything has come down. Sugar, cholesterol and on. She is so impressed and I have told her that I’m Banting and this really works. So I am now more in a happy space.


Thanks for ALL you have done for me in helping to get here! Don’t know when last I weighed this weight. It’s such a good feeling, THANK YOU!!!