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“We are the first people in South Africa to provide absolute evidence for a diet that works and that is the difference: LCHF is a diet that works”

– Professor Tim Noakes


Before weight: 132kg

After weight: 87kg

Banting strictness: 100%


“Before I started Banting I have been overweight my entire adult life At 55 both my knees simply packed up. I do not have a medical aid so knee replacements were out of the question. My GP told me very bluntly that the knees would feel better if I was not so overweight.

Then I heard about it from I googled what was the most popular diet under Hollywood celebrities as I reckoned these are the one lot of people that know how to stay thin. I decided that a low carb diet was the way to go.

What happened next was I got all the information I needed on the internet started my low carb lifestyle. I started losing weight immediately and not a single week passed without some weight loss.

And now I lost 45 kg in about 15 months and my knees are 95% better

My final comment on Banting is it saved my life. I could just not see myself disabled at such a relatively young age.”


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