Glenda Van Blerk

Certified Real Meal Revolution Banting Coach

I began my low-carbohydrate healthy-fat journey when at age 58, I found that I could not control my increasing weight and expanding waistline even though I was exercising regularly. I attempted to lose weight by following a low glycaemic load food program taught by a well-known nutritionist with no success. The food lists were not relevant to what we have available in South Africa and this resulted in frustration. Soon after that I found a local low-carbohydrate plan which a friend had been successful with, and I followed that program for 15 weeks, losing 8 kg, 22 cms overall and 10% body fat as tested by my biokineticist during skin fold tests. What a revelation! Before this I had never heard of removing carbohydrates from my diet.

I then learned of Professor Tim Noakes’ research with LCHF and researched YouTube discussions & pod casts; read the books written by Gary Taubes, Good Calories Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat; listened to Robert Lustig speaking on The Bitter Truth About Sugar and more. When the book, Real Meal Revolution authored by Professor Noakes and Johnno Proudfoot, came out in 2013, I attended a book launch and from then onwards have followed the Real Meal Revolution food lists eating a diet that is free of grains, refined sugars, seed oils and all processed food-like substances. I also practise intermittant fasting. This lifestyle has resulted in a tremendous improvement in my health.

I have been inspired to become a Certified Real Meal Revolution Banting coach for a few different reasons. My own health has turned around because of my LCHF lifestyle since 2012. I would like to share my experience with others who are insulin resistant, perhaps have metabolic syndrome, are struggling to lose weight and who may even already have Type 2 Diabetes.

I believe completely that this eating revolution can transform the health of the Western world and I want to be in the forefront of this movement.