Clinical proof that the keto diet is protecting me against inflammation

Ketogenic weight loss

I discovered low carbohydrate, healthy fat ketogenic weight loss in 2012 when at the age of 58 my waist line started to get fatter and I inexplicably picked up weight, even though I believed that I was making good food choices. At the time I was exercising regularly.

After about 15 weeks I had shed 8 kilograms, slimmed down by 22 centimeters overall, and my body fat had decreased by 10 % according to a skin fold test conducted by my biokineticist. As I learned more about carbohydrate restriction and also began to practice intemittent fasting, I lost a further 2 kilograms and centimeters.

Ketogenic weight loss is sustainable

That was 7 years ago and my weight and waist measurement are constant. My mood is upbeat and stable, I have heaps of energy, sleep well, and no longer need to use anti-depressants nor anti-anxiety medication.

Healthy blood readings and protection from inflammatory diseases

As clinical proof that the low carbohydrate, healthy fat keto lifestyle is healthy, I have my results from fasting blood tests on 7 November 2019

My result is 4.2 mmol/l
Normal result should be between 3.5 – 5.5 mmol/L
CRP ULTRASESITIVE screening for risk factors for cardiovascular disease
My result is 0.26
The low risk range is < 1mg/L
P-HOMOCYSTEINE screening for risk of atherosclerosis and blood clots
My result is 13.8
Normal range is between 5.0 – 20.0 umol/L
My result is 3.2
Normal result should be between 2.1 – 10.4 mIU/L

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