Cook something – Seed crackers

Delicious, easy-peasy seed crackers. Have with lashings of butter and whatever else takes your fancy.

Here’s what to do:

Mix together well –

1 tsp sea salt
200gr sunflower seeds
100gr sesame seeds
60gr flax seeds
2 Tbls psyllium husk powder
500ml cold water

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C.

Leave the mixture to stand for ten minutes. The texture will change and become like porridge.

Spread a silicone sheet into a baking pan 40 X 32cm or similar size.

Spread the seed mixture evenly, onto the silicon sheet using a spatula.

Bake for 90 mins. The final cooking time depends on your oven. I usually leave mine for 120 mins. You want the biscuits to be evenly, lightly browned top and underneath. Break a piece off to check for crispness.

It also works to turn the whole piece over and out it back into the over for 15 mins or so to brown the underside.

Cool and then break into bits before storing in a container.


Carol Velkes for the recipe

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