Introduction to the Banting 2.0 food lists

“Diet is Batman and exercise is Robin. Diet does 90% of the work and deserves all the attention; so, logically it would be reasonable to focus on diet.”

– Jason Fung, The Obesity Code

The original Real Meal Revolution introduced the concept of The Lists, an easy way to get to grips with the foods to be embraced (Green), wary of (Orange) and avoid (Red) when Banting.

In the intervening years we’ve continuously revised and fine-tuned the lists by following the latest science, taking on board extensive member feedback and considering the negative and positive health effects of foods that go beyond mere carbohydrate count. So there may be Green-listed foods with higher carbohydrate (and even sugar) content than those on the Orange and Red lists, but be assured that there is sound dietary and nutritional reasoning for this.

We’ve seen what works at various phases of the diet and added several shades of usability to it – so now we have a Green, Orange A and Orange B, Light-Red, Red and even Grey list.

Foods on the Light-Red list are high in carbs but contain no gluten or sugar and are not considered unhealthy in all other respects. For most Banters who reach Preservation and wish to up their carb intake, the foods on the Light-Red list can be eaten without health concerns, though they must be monitored to see whether they affect weight.

Foods on the Grey list are those we have mixed feelings about. They may not be high in carbs or sugar, but they may not be real and they may not be healthy, so we have left them without endorsement for the time being.


Real Meal Revolution Banting 2.0 by Jonno Proudfoot and the Real Meal Revolution Team, (Burnet Media, 2016)

Picture credit – Real Meal Revolution



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