What no one tells you about preparing to lose weight

“If you can measure it, you can improve it. “

– Sami Inkinen, entrepreneur, Iron Man champion and adventurer

In LCHF Banting 2.0 we introduced the phased approach to losing weight.

Observation is the first phase of Banting 2.0 and lasts for one week. It’s about taking an inventory of your health. It’s about getting real and honest with yourself. It’s about deciding if you can live with what you see in the bathroom mirror for another day. It’s about drawing a line in the sand.

To do Observation, and do it properly follow these steps:

  • Take a before photograph, in your underwear (if you want to lose more than 10 kg |22 lbs). This could be the hardest thing you have done but this photo will reduce you to raw human material. It forces you to acknowledge the situation for what it is.
  • Weigh yourself and take your waist measurement. From here on, do this once a week, not that there is anything wrong with weighing yourself daily. In fact it is encouraged. For the correct method to measure your waist, watch this 2 minute video.
  • Track absolutely everything you eat for the entire week. Be honest about your consumption – this is not for an insurance health survey and nobody is going to see this unless you show them. You have to do this, even though it is irritating. Know what you are putting into your mouth.
  • Keep an eating journal that you write in before and after you eat. Especially consider what made you hungry. Was it genuine hunger or was there something else to it: a craving for something to spoil yourself with, the temptation of a smell, a moment of procrastination, an emotion that needed satisfying such as emptiness, anger, happiness, frustration. It doesn’t have to be Tolstoy – just a few lines per snack.
  • Have your blood markers tested such as blood-pressure, fasting blood-glucose and blood insulin levels. Banting 2.0 is about overall health and not just weight loss.
  • Don’t change anything that you eat or drink during this week.

These exercises have been designed to track and report back to you just how bad, or not-that-bad, thing really are.

Observation acts as your rock-bottom snapshot and thus an incredible motivator in the weeks to come. It also serves as a reality check for you.

References: https://realmealrevolution.com

Photo credit: Google images

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