Do you struggle when dining out?

What should I order in a restaurant without low-carb, healthy-fat options?

Advice from The Real Meal Revolution Banting 2.0 goes like this:

Keep your meals simple when eating out. Go for unprocessed proteins and veg like steak or fish with butter and broccoli.

A major priority is to consciously avoid the extras like sauces, soft drinks, alcohol, dessert.

  • Main meal salads are a good option; e.g. chicken Ceasar salad. I order this without the dressing and ask for extra-virgin olive oil to be brought to the table. I remove the bread croutons.
  • Ask for additional salad with other meals.
  • Swap potatoes, French fries, rice, noodles for vegetables or a salad.
  • Ask the waiter to take away the bread basket. I ask for a dish of olives instead.
  • Avoid anything “breaded” like schnitzels and crumbed veal.
  • Sushi: opt for sashimi or a Japanese salad with salmon or tuna.
  • Indian: be wary of the potatoes in curries, not to mention the rice. Avoid poppadums and naan bread. When I order curry I ask for it to be served in a bowl with no side dish.
  • Thai: a coconut milk broth with chicken or prawns or a Tom Yum soup is a good choice. Stay away from spring rolls, dim sum, rice and noodle dishes.
  • As always, avoid all soft drinks. Rather order sparkling water.
  • Be aware of your alcohol intake. Make a conscious decision beforehand, about how much, if anything,  you’re going to drink. Start the meal with a big glass of still or sparkling water. If necessary, ask the waiter not to fill your glass. If you need a reason not to drink, claim to be the designated driver for others in the party.

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