Textures in food

We speak a lot about the nutrient value of food but the textures created by ingredients and cooking methods are often what tempt us to eat something.

Processed food manufacturers know this. Their recipes include just the right amount of sugar, salt and hydrogenated vegetable oils to get us eating, and continue eating their wares until the wrapper or packet is empty. Add to that mix the textures of exquisite crispness, or a lush mouth-filling sensation and you have a winning recipe for the industry that produces food-like substances that are both harmful and addictive.

What texture is irresistible to you?

Dry and brittle like these sesame biscuits made in my kitchen?

What about tender, silkiness of a slow-cooked stew?

Chewy, robust beef jerky or the South African version, biltong (/ˈbɪltɒŋ/), that is satisfying and filling too?

Imagine the dreamy softness of coconut kefir.

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