My story

Freedom from life-long depression, mood swings and gastric disorders.

The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. – Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist and anti-sugar advocate

Dr. Malhotra’s statement describes my recovery from depression and mood swings that were the bane of my life since I was a young child, when domestic violence and intense insecurity were part of my siblings and my family situation.

After the sudden death of my husband when I was forty-nine years old, the depression and panic attacks were finally diagnosed correctly and for years I was treated with psychiatric medication.

Gastric problems such as chronic constipation with cramping have also been part of my life for most of it. As a result I have looked to treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy for relief.

My love of sweet foods and grains caused me to have frequent episodes of hypoglycemia and bloating.

Help came to me when I noticed that my usually stable weight had begun increasing along with an unwelcome fat roll around my belly. At the time I was exercising at least four times per week to no avail. What I did not understand at the time was that I am insulin resistant, which was complicated by my consumption of  foods that were high in carbohydrates which led to excessive amounts of insulin being secreted. This all led to fat storage. Hence the appearance of the belly roll.

Seeking answers and change, I discovered that Professor Tim Noakes was advocating a low-carbohydrate healthy-fat regime to reverse lifestyle diseases including obesity, described in The Real Meal Revolution Banting written with Johnno Proudfoot. My investigation began. I listened to Professor Noakes speaking on podcasts and YouTube. The insights I gained from Dr. Robert Lustig in The Bitter Truth About Sugar were revelatory. Two outstanding investigative journalists, Gary Taubes in Why We Get Fat and Good Calories Bad Calories, and Nina Teicholz with her Big Fat Surprise, just say it so well. I continue to learn and live what I am studying.

As I implemented the Banting diet my health gradually turned around.

I have lost ten kilograms in weight and the tummy fat is gone. So have food cravings for bread and sugary foods. I sleep well.

Best of all, something that I never anticipated has happened. I have calm, stable moods every single day. I will never go back to eating sugar, grains, processed foods and processed vegetable oil.



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