Walk a path with me to optimal health, stable body weight and huge enjoyment of life

We only have one life. Good Health is our most precious asset. Without it all the money, success, fame count for little. I often remind people who I mentor that Steve Jobs had it all, until pancreatic cancer took him out of the game. When my group members make the decision to lose weight and improve their health, they are doing this for themselves, making a massive investment in their own precious lives.

As a Certified Real Meal Revolution Banting Coach, my aim is to positively affect change in the lives of 5 000 by December 2021 in the same way that my life has radically changed for the better, since 2012.

How would you like to lose the weight you never thought that you could?

Are you sick and tired of jumping from one diet program to the next?

Would you like to be supported by a community of Banters just like you?

As part of my group, you will have access to easy-to-use tools that will make implementation of a low-carbohydrate healthy-fat Banting lifestyle a pleasure. Expect to enjoy benefits such as money saved on expensive dieticians by using healthy and delicious recipes in our archive. While focussing on the end result, see your achievements with our meal and weight trackers. Always know the carbohydrate value of a food with our carb counter, without having to Google.

Find a convenient place to share your personal issues while learning this new system by joining this Facebook group and chatting to like-minded people on the forum.

Because we are linked to The Real Meal Revolution and The Noakes Foundation you will have peace of mind knowing that you are getting knowledge from an expert like Professor Tim Noakes.

Why not take a chance on you and join this exciting adventure?

Online coaching support 3 months

Personalised low-carb, healthy-fat coaching for three months.


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